Website Content & Website Management Even with a CMS (Content Managed System) in place, adding content to your website or blog can be time consuming. Here is how I can help... Even with a Content Managed website available to you, creating and adding content to your website can be time consuming 
  • are you out of the office for a considerable amount of the day?
  • are you focusing all of your time on other areas of your business?
  • do you struggle putting together text?
Let me help! 
I can create content (and add it to your website where possible) on an adhoc or regular basis. Whatever suits YOUR business needs. 

I currently assist several clients with their website content where I research and source the relevant information or they provide text and ask me to re-write it, making it less techy and more emotive to engage their target audience. 

Updating website material regularly ensures that your website is current, and the material fresh. You should always ensure that your website has new and original content as search engines crawl sites grabbing keywords and text to be listed on their search engine. Your chances of being found are significantly reduced by lack of content, and relevant content at that.