Article Submission I would be delighted if you would consider writing an article for my website, something that would be informative to my target audience of the small business owner. Can what you do help other Business Owners? I would be delighted to consider an article from you for my website. I need it to be informative for my target audience of small business owners and needs to provide something of value to the reader. The benefit to the writer is you will get an opportunity to become known to a wider audience, as I will link your article to your own website and I will mention the article on my social media platforms. 

The Guidelines. 

Your article NEEDS to....

  • cover a problem or concern that small businesses may have 
  • cover the solution/s available (which of course can include your services)
  • be written with the target audience of small business owners in mind
  • be an informative article NOT a sales pitch
  • include bullet points & catchy headings 
  • be 450-550 words
  • not be duplicated from elsewhere on the internet (even from your own website) - Please DO NOT plagiarise!

What is required

When submitting your article, please provide the following:

  • A JPG image of YOU or your team
  • You may provide other images of your service / product (I will not accept stock photography). 
  • A web page you would like the readers to click through to
I really look forward to hearing from you. Any questions, please do not hesitate to email me